Casino Grand Ivy | The Best Gambling App in 2021


Opening an online gambling institution is always a risky thing to do, because the founders may never understand what will come to the gamblers’ tastes. There is not any single algorithm that shows how it works and how to gain success. Though, it does not mean that people who want to open such gaming institution has no chance and success and that they do not have to try.

The main thing that they should understand about gambling on the Web is that the competition is wide, and they have to create a portal which would stand out among all others. Answer the question. Would you be attracted with generous no deposit bonuses? Would you like get additional no deposit free spins? And would you like to surf the wide diapason of available free games and discover something new? We bet, you would like to feel pleasure by getting all those things.

GrandIvy casino is the topic of our today’s review. We are going to tell you about its features, if there are any free spins and no deposit bonuses, if there is a possibility of using bonus codes, from what countries people can play and how the website looks and works. You are going to find out why numerous customers have become the GrandIvy’s hostages (in a good sense, of course) and enjoy playing in one of the leading UK gambling portals. It does not matter if you are from England, from New Zealand or any other country. This online platform welcomes all gamblers!

Why to Choose Grand Ivy Casino?

We can understand your the train of your thoughts and predict the questions that may come to your mind. You may think about the following. Why to choose casino GrandIvy and not some other casino? What is it special about? Can I feel secure here and stop worrying about confidentiality of my personal data? Is the range of games really that wide as I read in customers’ reviews? Are the ratings on the Web correspond the real situation? What will I get if I choose this online gambling institutions?

If you recognize at least one question of presented and remembered it from your head, be sure that you have come to the right place, because we are going to answer your every question and give you as much information about casino Grand Ivy as it is possible. For now, it would be appropriate to start with the general information and them get to the chase reviewing each casino’s feature separately.

So, Grand Ivy casino is an online gambling room that was founded in 2016 and is one of the most popular ones in 2021. We bet, if you read the reviews of real customers and played there without knowing the year of its foundation, you would never guess its year. Why? Because the portal has high ratings, positive comments from customers, well-working and stable website. It works almost perfectly, so it would not be just some big words, if we said that this platform is successful in the area of gambling.

Grand Ivy Site and its Appearance

The first impression forms 50% of the whole impression from playing on the casino’s website. Lots of customers just love when they go the website and see gold colors, as gold tones symbolize richness, wealth and well-being. GrandIvy casino designers also decided to use gold tones while designing the site. Plus, they are combined with black color.

When you get to the website by the link, you will notice the logo, which is displayed at the top of the page in the left corner. In the right corner, you will see a button to change the language version, a button to join the casino (which supposes launching the registration process) and buttons to login (“Username” and “Password”).

The home page includes a huge advertisement banner that literally welcomes you and tries to attract you with generous bonus offers. In case if you are curious and interested about the offer, you can simply click the button named as “Join Now”.

When you scroll to the home page’s bottom, you will notice how useful it is. It has nine fast links which may come in handy. The line of those fast links consists of link “About Us”, link “Terms & Conditions”, link “Promotional Terms & Conditions”, link “Privacy and Cookie Notice”, link “Responsible Gambling”, link “Game RTP”, link “Complaints & Procedures”, link “Site map” and link “Affiliates”.

The bottom of the page also tell about payment methods that are available, about gained licenses and companies that regulate the work of GrandIvy casino. You will also need to pay attention to the paragraph which explains that gambling can become addictive and you have to be careful while practicing gambling activity.

Gadgets & Website Versions

It is not a secret for anybody that all people are different, and when one half of people prefers practicing gambling activity with the help of laptops and computers, the other of people prefers practicing gambling activity with the help of mobile phones and tablets.

If you like working with computers/laptops and it makes a lot more pleasure to play with them, you can simply launch your computer/laptop, open a desktop browser, get to the GrandIvy portal and start gambling. This is your decision. Plus, it is possible to create a cozy atmosphere at home, make yourself “packed” in a blanket, take some food and drinks and gamble with pleasure.

Otherwise, if you do not like laptops and computers and have not much time spent at home where it is possible to create coziness, you may like the option with using mobile gadgets, such as phones or tablets. All you will have to do is to charge the suitable device and play with Grand Ivy whenever and wherever you want to. The decision is all up to you.

Registration Process

The process of registration in Grand Ivy casino is easy and does not require any special efforts. You simply do what is needed from you. For example, when you press the button “Register”, a new tab opens in which everything is explained about what forms you need to fulfill and what information to provide.

The picture above displays you how the registration window looks like and what requires from you. For example, you can see that the very first thing you will need to is mention your full name (first and last). After this, you will need to choose gender out of 3 available options. The first option says “male”. The second option says “female”. The third option says “Rather not say”.

You will be also required to enter your birth date and the country you are living in (whether it is Canada or Australia, or any other country). When those steps are completed, you can press the button “Continue” and get to the next steps which will require you to mention your exact address, contact phone number and so on. There is nothing hard about registration because you will not be required to mention the information that you do not know or cannot find.

The Diapason of Free Games

Numerous gamblers can leave the chosen casino if they find it boring. We bet, you will not feel this way if you surf the range of free games of casino GrandIvy. Let’s talk about the software corporations (SC) that cooperate with this casino and provide it with the most exciting games ever. To make it easy, we have created a small listing of those software corporations (SC). This listing consists of:

  • SC Microgaming;
  • SC Casinos and Slots;
  • SC NetEnt;
  • SC Aristocrat Slots;
  • SC Betsoft;
  • SC Leander Games Slots;
  • SC QuickSpin;
  • SC ELK Studios Slots.

Grand Ivy casino coworks with the leading software companies. Those companies are considered to be the best in online software and gambling area. As you could have already guessed, this portal can provide you with the widest spectrum of slot machines. Though, it is not a sign to think that there are slots only. There are also variations of poker, options of baccarat, varieties of roulette, table games, live games and many other types of free games.


How can you find a game to play? You can click either on category named “Slots” (if it is your main priority in gambling) or click on category named “Casino” to get all categories and game icons shown. You can sort games by popularity, from A to Z and from Z to A. Presented free games categories (FGC) include:

  • New Games;
  • Top Games;
  • Live Table Games;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Table;
  • Slots;
  • Poker;
  • Fun and Scratch;
  • Provider.

Promos & Welcome Bonuses

Bonuses can be considered to be the most wanted prizes in online casinos. If to talk about Grand Ivy casino, it will be a criminal to pass over in silence about its generous offers. A lot of gamblers dream to hear that the chosen casino can let them gain a no deposit bonus or no deposit free spins. Despite the fact that casino GrandIvy does not provide an opportunity to gain a no deposit bonuses and spins, it provides its members with even more attractive bonuses and promotions.


For example, they can offer lavish welcome bonus which is divided into three steps. Each step supposes making separate deposit. For example, when you are depositing for the first time, you will receive 100% bonus that can let you gain up to 300 dollars with the gift in the form of 25 free spins for the game “The Finer Reels of Life”.

When you are depositing for the second time, you will receive 25% bonus that can let you gain up to 800 dollars with the gift in the form of 50 free spins for the game “Deco Diamonds”. And when you are depositing for the third time, you will receive 50% bonus that can let you gain up to 400 dollars with the gift in the form of 25 free spins for the game “Fortunium”.

Also, GrandIvy offers you to take 500 loyalty points that will let you become a member of loyalty program. Becoming its member is a profitable thing to do, because its members can gain even more generous prizes and promotions.

Payment Options

Until you sign up, login and start playing with, you will need to get acquainted with basic information, including information about what payment options you can be provided with and what methods are suitable for withdrawing, what methods are suitable for depositing and what methods are suitable for both.

Depositing is an important part of gambling activity, because you cannot play without making at least one. For this, you need to understand what banking options can be used during the process of making deposits. So, we have created a listing of DBO (depositing banking options) from which you can choose one option:

  • DBO Wire Transfer;
  • DBO MasterCard;
  • DBO Neteller;
  • DBO Visa
  • DBO Skrill (known as Moneybookers in the recent past).

Withdrawing is also an important part of gambling activity, because if you gain prizes and win money, you will want to take your funds. For this, you need to understand what banking options can be used during the process of withdrawing. So, we have created a listing of WBO (withdrawing banking options) from which you can choose one option:

  • WBO Skrill (known as Moneybookers in the recent past);
  • WBO MasterCard;
  • WBO Neteller;
  • WBO PaySafeCard;
  • WBO Visa.

Gamers Support

Nobody is insured in the fact that there cannot be any questions about the portal, because all people are different, and when one person does not understand something, the other one gets it perfectly. So, the best option is to listen to us and to read this paragraph, as you never know what person you are going to be in this or that situation.

For example, there may be problems, such as overloaded service, forgetting your password, questions about the processing of your confidential information and much more. If you have any issues, they must be solved. This can be considered as the hymn of the Grand Ivy’s casino. Below, we are going to show you how support service looks like. Plus, so it could be easier for understanding, we will tell you about each way to get help separately.

How can you open the tab displayed above? This is easy. When you firstly go to the home page, you will notice a lot of useful sections at the top of the page. One of those sections will be “Contact Us”. You click on this button, and the tab with support service opens. Here, you can see for separate lines.

If you want to contact the staff and explain your issue in live mode, you should take your look at the first line which is named “Live Chat” and press the button “Chat Now”. After you click on it, a window opens in which you will be required to fulfill necessary information and start chatting. Please, do not worry. The process is intuitive.

If you forgot your password, you should take your look at the second line which is named as “Forgotten Password” and press the button named as “Reset Password”. After you click on it, you will be redirected to new window in which you will need to fulfill necessary information and start the process of password changing. This process is also intuitive.

If you want to contact the staff, you have one more option to do it, besides contacting through online chat. You can take a look at the third line which is named as “Email” and press the button “Email Us”. After you click on it, you will see a new tab which will require you to fulfill all necessary fields and wait until the answers comes. This process is intuitive too.

If you want to verify your account, you will need to take a look at the fourth section which is named as “Not Yet Verified Your Account?”. You will read the explanation on how to verify your account, so do not worry about it too. All issues can be solved with calmness.

Safety & Security

Everybody cares about his/her own safety, which is why gamblers are always in search for a casino that is reliable, trustworthy and far from deceiving. Grand Ivy casino is one of such platforms for gambling. How can you be sure about it? We are going to tell you what security measures were taken to provide you with the highest level of security.

Let’s start with the fact that this gambling platform uses SSL-protocol (simply and briefly speaking, such protocols encrypt the information that you shared with the casino), as in nobody will have access to this information, even if he/she wanted. Everything becomes anonymous.

As we have already said, there is a tool to verify your account, and if you do not have your profile verified yet, you will be offered to do this from time to time. This way, the casino tries to protect your confidential information and make sure that the person who logs into your account if you and not anybody else.

The website also uses cookies. To speak briefly, cookies are small parts (letters) that are put into your computer and distinguish you from the other GrandIvy casino users. As you can see, the website cares about your safety, but if you notice any suspicious moves and actions from your profile, you should contact the staff of the portal and notify them about this situation.

Grand Ivy Casino Conclusion

Unfortunately (or fortunately), our review is slowly going to the final point. There was a lot of information, so maybe it is difficult to make a decision now. This is why we want to make a conclusion, put all the thoughts together and say if we recommend you this portal or not, so you could make your own decision.

Let’s start with the website’s appearance. It is easy. It is intuitive. Good-looking gold tones carry the character of wealth, richness and well-being. They look promising and able to get you on the website’s side. The whole design looks rich and convenient. It is an easy process to surf through the pages. Plus, gamblers can play here from both computers and mobile gadgets (if your option is mobile device, you can either play from the browser or download the Grand Ivy app).

The games diapason of casino GrandIvy attract you from the second you see it. Bright icons and beautiful fonts catch your eyes from the first sight. Here, you can play slots, different types of blackjack, various options of poker, diverse board, scratch and card games. Those games that include progressive jackpots can be also played. Plus, you can play with real croupiers in live mode.

When you need some help or support, you can click on the button named as “Contact Us” and choose one out of four options. You can click on the first line with online chat. You can click on the second line with forgotten password. Also, you can contact the staff by clicking on the third line with email. The fourth option supposes verifying your personal account. Plus, you can always surf the website and find the answers on the pages.

To guarantee your safety while gambling on, the casino set some security measures, such as SSL-protocol that is able to encrypt all shared information and details between you and the casino itself, such as verification of your account that will help to keep you away form fraud effects (as accounts that are not verified are easier to get close to), such as cookies and so on.

The next point touches both safety measures and banking options. Gamblers want to play in the casino that provides the banking method that they are used to. In most cases, when gamblers do not see their method among available ones, they simply change the casino. It is most likely that you will find a suitable option because GrandIvy cooperates with those banking institutions that are the most loved, popular and respected. The casino comes responsibly to the question of choosing banks and e-wallets that they work with. As a result, only trustworthy and reliable options can be picked for depositing and withdrawing here.

See, how many features that you can take advantage of are here, on and that are waiting for you to enjoy them as well. We will not take you long. We are already done. The last thing we want to do is to with you good luck and a lot of future winnings to take away! Register on GrandIvy casino official website and start your gambling “career”!